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Let Holistic Haven Pharmacy be the place for you to go for specialized, high grade natural supplements that are both safe and effective. We carry all of these products plus much more at our Holistic Center in Westlake Village, so if you are looking for a product that is not currently available on our site, please contact us

happynewyearIt is a New Year and for many of us it is a new beginning. After treating ourselves for the holidays, here at the Holistic Haven we like to kick things off in a fresh and healthy way. You all know the feeling…

You have resolved to lose weight this year. When you carry the extra pounds you don’t feel as good as you would like, you don’t have as much energy to do the things you enjoy, you see a closet of clothes you would like to get back into and you think that dropping the excess weight will be better for your overall health.

You want more energy, you want to fit into those cute new clothes, you want to look your very best, and simply feel good! You may have struggled in the past. It can be difficult to break old habits and train yourself to do the little every day things in order to reach your big picture goals. You need something you can count on to help you make a difference this time.

Fortunately, we have a secret weapon available to help expedite the weight loss process and it is called the Ha2cg diet. This diet has delivered results time and time again, helping my clients lose up to a pound a day. This tried and true program offers impressive results with most people able to lose up to a pound per day. Many diets will help you to lose water and sometimes even muscle weight, but the issue really lies with excess fat tissue, which is exactly what this diet targets.

Please watch the video below to learn more about this wonder product and start getting the results you deserve by ordering today! So whether you want to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs, this program delivers!

Ha2cg has the Holistic Haven stamp of approval for containing only top quality ingredients and for showing continued results. I would like to personally invite and encourage you to try the Ha2cg for yourself. Don’t wait any longer to get the results you deserve, so order from us today… We also have discount packages, Des Bio’s full product line, and free shipping over $49!

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Crave Control

Crave Control combines support for improving body composition and encouraging healthy calorie intake when used as part of a healthy eating program.

Price: $38.95
Diet Detox Package

This package includes:
-   Ha2cg Evolution drops
-   Ha2cg Evolution Weight
          Management Program Guide
-   Comprehensive Detox Kit 

Price: $179.90
Ha2cg Evolution

This safe, fast and effective program is the one to go on when other diets fail. While on this plan, you can expect to lose up to a pound of fat per day.

Price: $39.95
Lean Advantage (60 caps)

Lean Advantage supports the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Price: $24.95
Leptin (2 oz. 420 sprays)

Leptin complements all weight loss, weight management and diet programs with benefits usually noticed the first day taken. It is safe, effective, without side effects.

Price: $45.95
Metabolic Complex (60 caps)

Metabolic lyophilized gland concentrate with synergistic support.

Price: $18.95
Metabolic Xtra

A powerful combination of nutrients to support healthy insulin receptor function and signaling, and glucose metabolism.

Price: $35.95
Oral HCG Activator

Professional Oral HCG Activator from BioGenesis may help those whose weight management program has stalled.

30% Discount. Regularly $57.95

Price: $40.55
Professional Weight Support

This is for those who only wish to lose a few pounds. It is designed to help reduce appetite and support metabolism, detoxification, and immune response while dieting.

Price: $25.95