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Let Holistic Haven Pharmacy be the place for you to go for specialized, high grade natural supplements that are both safe and effective. We carry all of these products plus much more at our Holistic Center in Westlake Village, so if you are looking for a product that is not currently available on our site, please contact us

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Our online store is open 24/7 so no waiting in line or camping out on a cold sidewalk. Get prepared for cold and flu season by loading up on plenty of immune system goodies and have no fear of never ending feasts with digestive enzymes.

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This combination homeopathic remedy is used for the temporary relief of allergies, stress, poor nutrition, exhaustion and support of adrenal and spleen functions. 

Price: $19.95

Maintains healthy immune response, nasal function, and histamine production.

Price: $23.95
Anti-Stress Drops

Uses homeopathy in addressing stress-related problems such as anxiety attacks and exhaustion. This product contains Royal Jelly‚ a milky secretion harvested.

Price: $19.95
Cortisol Calm (60 vcaps)

Cortisol Calm is a blend of herbal extracts and vitamin D designed to maintain healthy cortisol levels and to support relaxation, restful sleep, and positive mood during times of stress.

Price: $37.95
Nasopure Nasal Wash

Nasopure gently removes allergens, dust, excessive mucus and other pollutants. Simple, Soothing, and Safe. No Burn.

Price: $23.95
Oral HCG Activator

Professional Oral HCG Activator from BioGenesis may help those whose weight management program has stalled.

30% Discount. Regularly $57.95

Price: $40.55
Stress Factors (60 count)

A blend of nutrients and amino acids to nutritionally support an increased parasympathetic response. An excellent choice for the nutritional support when you are burned-out, stressed-out and emotionally labile

Price: $32.95
SWELL Water Bottle 17 oz

Made of stainless steel and double walled, S'Well® Water Bottles will keep your liquid hot for 12 hours and cold for 24! With a screw-top lid, opening designed to fit ice cubes, and a smart no-condensation textured finish, you can truly take this water bottle into any environment.

Price: $34.95
Travel Sickness Drops

Support for relaxing motion sickness, nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and gastric disturbance.

Price: $19.95